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Season three

I just finished penning season three of “Amazing Grace” on: Bigworldnetwork.com. It’s been a great experience and season four has been given the green light. Season four will wrap up this story and leave it as a novel length piece. A years worth of effort and labor and I’ve enjoyed it! Thanks go out to all of the people who have inspired and supported me in this endeavor. You guys ROCK!




I just wanted to share and thank all of you for making my story, “Amazing Grace” on bigworldnetwork number six in the itunes downloads! :o) Not to shabby! Thanks for all the support and kind comments…happy reading! 


Season two!

Season two of Amazing Grace kicks off this Saturday on: bigworldnetwork.com Check it out and please hit the “like” icon. In other news, the long dreaded move is complete! :o) Now if I could just find my socks….

Amazon short story

I’ve just published a short story on Amazon, called: “The Obedient” Be sure to use the title AND use a comma plus short story or the returns are….interesting! :o) It’s 5600 words or so and military fiction. I’d appreciate a visit and hitting the like icon! Thanks so much and have a great week.


I’ve just published a short story on Amazon, called: “The Obedient” Be sure to use the title AND use a comma plus short story or the returns are….interesting! :o) It’s 5600 words or so and military fiction. I’d appreciate a visit and hitting the like icon! Thanks so much and have a great week.


Newest writing project

Ok as promised, I have a short story (5,300 words) available on amazon kindle called, “The Obedient” it’s a story with Tammy and a female pastor in the near future. Don’t feel obligated to purchase it (its .99) but I would encourage you to go on Amazon and “like” the book page! :o) Thanks guys for all your wonderful support! Take care my friends.


LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!!!! It’s all that we get and that can’t be taken away…each day, each moment should be cherished and experienced to the fullest. I too say good riddance to 2011…its been trying, maddening and frustrating beyond belief..but it was also LIVED! In our darkest hours we still must strive for and DEMAND the time to love each other and laugh…even when it seems there is nothing but sorrow. If this year has taught me nothing else, its to find the joy in the tiniest moments…a silly commercial with that cute kid, (the Darth Vader car commercial KILLS me!) the antics of a spoiled pet…or the complete insanity of daily life. Want an example? OK. Here’s one a few days ago….

I come home from a long ten hour shift and there are boxes stacked EVERYWHERE in preparation for our move, the insurance company is stalling on a covered payment and the “kids” are being a pain. I spend a good fifteen minutes stomping around, moving this and that mumbling under my breath looking for my glasses.
“Where the HELL are they!” I exclaim in frustration. My goofy dog winds his way around my feet in an effort to “help.”
Honey looks up from her laptop, answering distractedly.
“What are you looking for?”
Not turning to face her, I growl.
“My DAMN glasses! Did you move them?” Snickering, my wife replies.
“I didn’t do anything with them…at least your furry buddy is trying to help!”
Turning around to glare at her insolent humor, I put my hands on my hips and spout.
“HELP my ASS! He’s just trying to TRIP me so he watch me fall! GIT!” I shoo the offending critter with a wave of my hand. Honey laughs loudly, giggling and snorting.
“WHAT”S so damn FUNNY!” I demand loudly.
Pointing at me and chuckling she chokes out.
“Look DOWN Elvis….snort, snicker….I need to get you some pawpaw strings!” HEEHEHEHAWHAW!!!
There, stuck in my shirt are my glasses…..Shit. Feeling more than a little foolish, I grin sheepishly, looking from the dog to my honey.
“ONE of you COULD’A told me sooner…” I mumble lamely.
The dog bares his teeth and chuffs. Honey pats the sofa and I plop down beside her with a sigh.
“It’s OK my blind boy…you can always borrow mine!” Hugging me, we chuckle together.
Life is replete with tiny opportunities…we need only to grasp them and hold on.
Sorry for the rambling…guess I need to blog more! :o) Have a great day my friends and take care.


T’was the night before…


As many of you know honey and I are packing the house preparing to move this season…after a decade in the same place it’s astounding how much STUFF gets squirreled away! While filling boxes, it sounded like this…

Dumping a large pile of my clothes in the goodwill heap, honey says.
“WHY are you keeping all these size thirty-two’s?”
Looking up from sorting though a mountain of paperbacks, I reply.
“I MIGHT wear ’em again…someday.”
Smiling, she pats my head, rolling her eyes.
“Okay Elvis…just say’n while your working that direction, maybe someone else could get some use out’a them.”
Annoyed by the logic, (and the truth!) I huff.
“Well don’t give them ALL away! I’m not THAT far away!” (BIG LIE!)
My honey never shirks from throwing the BS flag…in fact she usually can snap ya with one rattle-snake quick!
“If I recall correctly, you wore a thirty-four when we married.” she continues grinning.
“How long before that since you’ve worn these?” she says shaking them.
Mumbling, I avert my gaze.
“Ummm…a little while….maybe four, or five years?”
The dog looks from me to my wife and grins. Smartass. Honey pats his head.
“Soooo….I think your poopy says thats about eighteen…nineteen years?”
Scowling at the traitorous critter, I growl.
“Fuzz face can’t count!” (Can he?) Rolling his eyes, the dog chuffs and grins even larger. Damn dog.
“OK! So I’ve been dragging them around a while!” I get up and pull a polka dotted dress from the “give” pile. Holding it up, I exclaim grumpily.
“THIS is about that old!”
Coming over to hold it up to her, my lovely wife says.
“Huh! You’re right…it’s why I’m giving it away. But it still fits.”
Smart-alecky college girls…
The stupid animal yawns. Guess he’s bored with watching me lose. Kissing my nose, honey goes back to shifting thru items and tagging boxes with the efficiency of an IRS auditor. It’s been a weird Christmas…packing instead of unwrapping…but the coming year looks bright. Fuzz head is looking into a empty box laying on its side…if he crawls in there; I may get an early present! :o) Merry Christmas all…may the new year bring peace and prosperity. On a side note, Season one is half over on my series “Amazing Grace” and my special, “A Season Remembered” is doing well on: bigworldnetwork.com
If you get the chance, check ’em out…I guarantee a smile and maybe a tear or two.
Be blessed my friends.

A Look Back…

This is for me…a personal reflection of a difficult year. Fair warning….no ranting…but not a feel good kindia thing. You may want to move on.

I changed jobs (after 17 years) over a year ago now. My choice. I wanted to feel like I was a part of something and be someplace I made a difference. A job’s a job…sort of…My wife is a full time student and was working part time. The part time job evaporated and we struggled to make ends meet. Funny how it takes two incomes now days. After battling uphill all year, we’ve come to the painful decision that we’re going to have to give up our home and move back to an apartment until she finishes college.
Of course, my dearest honey is racked with guilt for not working full time. No amount of soothing and assuring seems to make her feel any better….
There are family issues…like most folks…this is the first year in memory that we will not gather for Christmas. We didn’t even put up a tree….
I’ve never been one that has trouble with depression, but even I have been blue of late….
SO…do I sit on the pity pot and bemoan my fate? No. As I look back at our life, I see quite clearly that we have love…passion and laughter. The rest is just…stuff. Stuff can be replaced.
Its painful…when you work hard, but long term I have much to be thankful for.
A wonderful, intelligent and loving woman whom is working hard to better herself.
A good job and a (slowly) blossoming writing career.
Laughter and a sense of humor. (ODD though it may be!)
Family…dysfunctional and all! :o)
A goofy dog that thinks I’m Elvis…SsHHH! Don’t let on..it’ll crush him!
Have a wonderful holiday my friends and be thankful for all the important things in your life.