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A Season Remembered & Amazing Grace

I hope everyone has survived black Friday and gathered all the deals they desired! Please feel free to relax and check out my FREE new stories on: bigworldnetwork.com

They are called “A Season Remembered & Amazing Grace” and are available in written and audio formats. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. Take care.



The Series Continues

The Series continues on:bigworldnetwork.com

Please check out the new series “Amazing Grace” & the holiday special, “A Season Remembered” on the bigworldnetwork.com site. It’s free and available in written and audio forms. There are many genres for all taste and its a great format to add to your arsenal of boredom fighters! :o) I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and as always, thank you for your support!



Happy Thanksgiving all! Please feel free to check out my holiday special story on: bigworldnetwork.com
Its called, “A Season Remembered” I welcome all feedback. Enjoy the long weekend everyone! :o)


Awesome feedback

I’m just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback! Please keep it coming! :o) For anyone new, please feel free to review and critique my new series on: bigworldnetwork.com    The story is “Amazing Grace & A Season Remembered.” Thanks again!


Looking for readers!

Hello All,

My name is Jim and as a “new” author I’m trying to generate interest in my work! I invite you all to check out my new series (weekly) on: htpp://bigworlnetwork.com

My story is called “Amazing Grace” and the site is free for all visitors and has versions in written or audio formats. It has several genres available. I look forward to meeting and interacting with like minded folks that love reading and writing. Take care & happy blogging!