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The Gift

Panic sets in as I rushed madly from store to store…I couldn’t find it! Impossible! On the eve of the biggest day of the year, after searching for weeks, how could I have failed so miserably!

Shelf upon shelf was piled high with brightly wrapped trinkets and gadgets, none of which would do. Ribbons and bows, twinkling lights and the nauseating smell of pine all conspire and mock me..I’m doomed.

The ads all lie! Each promise of perfection an illusion quickly dissipated under scrutiny. Pasted on smiles of weary, numb clerks wanting nothing more than closing time, pass me from counter to counter like an unwanted snack.

Not this too! Oh PLEASE…not after the year we’ve had…

Sadly, the glitter desired is astronomically above my means…dejected; I leave the halls of canned music and trudge to my vehicle in the deserted lot. It’s over.

Returning home I quietly enter, head hung in defeat. A miniature trees colored lights illuminate my way…there…suspended in the middle of the tiny hall entrance, the blinking lights shimmer and dance across a small ring of gold. Stepping from the shadows a sweet vision draws me near, whispering.

 The ring is a symbol..a circle complete. One to another is all we need. Merry Christmas my love.





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  2. Oh my goodness! I actually physically moved towards the edge of my seat! Great post – fun to read.

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