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Yahtzee and life


We’ve all played the game at one time or another…you roll the dice and try to come up with all the proper combinations. Every once in a while we’ll get every single one! WOOHOO! Most of the time however, we’re forced to “scratch” something or settle for less then the full value we where hoping for.

Kindia parallels life if you think about it…..we set goals…have dreams in work,home and love. Rarely do we achieve EVERYTHING we wish all at once. Its a process and constant balancing act. 
The good news is that like the game, each day is a new page! All we have to do is roll the dice and keep playing. The only way to really lose is to stop trying! And who knows? We all know that sooner or later….YAHTZEE!!!!
I write this to remind us all that as long as we’re smiling and trying we’re still in the game!
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend.

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