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A Look Back…

This is for me…a personal reflection of a difficult year. Fair warning….no ranting…but not a feel good kindia thing. You may want to move on.

I changed jobs (after 17 years) over a year ago now. My choice. I wanted to feel like I was a part of something and be someplace I made a difference. A job’s a job…sort of…My wife is a full time student and was working part time. The part time job evaporated and we struggled to make ends meet. Funny how it takes two incomes now days. After battling uphill all year, we’ve come to the painful decision that we’re going to have to give up our home and move back to an apartment until she finishes college.
Of course, my dearest honey is racked with guilt for not working full time. No amount of soothing and assuring seems to make her feel any better….
There are family issues…like most folks…this is the first year in memory that we will not gather for Christmas. We didn’t even put up a tree….
I’ve never been one that has trouble with depression, but even I have been blue of late….
SO…do I sit on the pity pot and bemoan my fate? No. As I look back at our life, I see quite clearly that we have love…passion and laughter. The rest is just…stuff. Stuff can be replaced.
Its painful…when you work hard, but long term I have much to be thankful for.
A wonderful, intelligent and loving woman whom is working hard to better herself.
A good job and a (slowly) blossoming writing career.
Laughter and a sense of humor. (ODD though it may be!)
Family…dysfunctional and all! :o)
A goofy dog that thinks I’m Elvis…SsHHH! Don’t let on..it’ll crush him!
Have a wonderful holiday my friends and be thankful for all the important things in your life.

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