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LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!!!! It’s all that we get and that can’t be taken away…each day, each moment should be cherished and experienced to the fullest. I too say good riddance to 2011…its been trying, maddening and frustrating beyond belief..but it was also LIVED! In our darkest hours we still must strive for and DEMAND the time to love each other and laugh…even when it seems there is nothing but sorrow. If this year has taught me nothing else, its to find the joy in the tiniest moments…a silly commercial with that cute kid, (the Darth Vader car commercial KILLS me!) the antics of a spoiled pet…or the complete insanity of daily life. Want an example? OK. Here’s one a few days ago….

I come home from a long ten hour shift and there are boxes stacked EVERYWHERE in preparation for our move, the insurance company is stalling on a covered payment and the “kids” are being a pain. I spend a good fifteen minutes stomping around, moving this and that mumbling under my breath looking for my glasses.
“Where the HELL are they!” I exclaim in frustration. My goofy dog winds his way around my feet in an effort to “help.”
Honey looks up from her laptop, answering distractedly.
“What are you looking for?”
Not turning to face her, I growl.
“My DAMN glasses! Did you move them?” Snickering, my wife replies.
“I didn’t do anything with them…at least your furry buddy is trying to help!”
Turning around to glare at her insolent humor, I put my hands on my hips and spout.
“HELP my ASS! He’s just trying to TRIP me so he watch me fall! GIT!” I shoo the offending critter with a wave of my hand. Honey laughs loudly, giggling and snorting.
“WHAT”S so damn FUNNY!” I demand loudly.
Pointing at me and chuckling she chokes out.
“Look DOWN Elvis….snort, snicker….I need to get you some pawpaw strings!” HEEHEHEHAWHAW!!!
There, stuck in my shirt are my glasses…..Shit. Feeling more than a little foolish, I grin sheepishly, looking from the dog to my honey.
“ONE of you COULD’A told me sooner…” I mumble lamely.
The dog bares his teeth and chuffs. Honey pats the sofa and I plop down beside her with a sigh.
“It’s OK my blind boy…you can always borrow mine!” Hugging me, we chuckle together.
Life is replete with tiny opportunities…we need only to grasp them and hold on.
Sorry for the rambling…guess I need to blog more! :o) Have a great day my friends and take care.


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